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Fully serviced commercial & light industrial lots strategically located on the Estevan Bypass.

Just 24 miles from the Canada-United States border, Dukart Industrial Place in Estevan directly connects you to North America’s largest market. Take advantage of a prime location along the new Estevan Bypass – fully serviced commercial and light industrial lots from 2.5 acres to 10 acres.
Pricing from $60,000 per acre.

Access. Amenities. Affordability.

Dukart Industrial Place is located 1.5 miles east of Estevan, Saskatchewan’s “Energy City.” The nickname is well-earned—Estevan sits in the heart of the Bakken oil play, the largest light sweet crude oil deposit in North America. But it’s not just oil & gas that powers the regional economy. It’s agriculture, mining and power generation (including the world’s first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage project), and all the businesses that support these industries.

  • Dukart Industrial Park is strategically located on the new Estevan Bypass, providing direct access to the main north-south transportation corridors between the Canada and the U.S. – both highway and rail.
  • The park is an quick 5-minute drive for customers and employees; an easy 25-minute drive on Hwy 39 to the 24-hour North Portal border crossing. There’s also a second border crossing directly south on Hwy 47 at Noonan.

With the only fully serviced lots in the RM of Estevan, Dukart Industrial Place is an ideal location for a wide variety of commercial and light industrial businesses.

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